Triangular Weep Modernises Traditional Practice

Getting water out of any masonry wall at one time utilised reed straw, chosen because it provided a discreet conduit through which water could evacuate. Its’ size meant it could be incorporated within solid walls built of random stone as well as masonry of varying types and  styles where there was no room for anything larger. Thin bed courses and narrow perp joints could still accommodate reed straw. It worked well, permitting water to bleed out – hence the phrase ‘bleeding good’. Unfortunately, over time it broke down and decayed, and clogging affected its functionality. 

An updated version of the traditional ‘bleed’ straw is offered for use in cavity masonry. Called the Pyramid Weep, it provides an aesthetically neutral way of removing water that permeates the structure. 

The Pyramid weep is triangular in profile. Its flat base maximises the width of possible flow and permits it to bed as low and as flat as possible to service water evacuation from dpc’s, trays and lintels. When incorporated within a  particularly thin bedding course, it’s 60° angled top can extend into the perp joint to ease  accommodation. 

Manufactured from PVCU, the Pyramid Weep will not rot and is scarcely visible when built in. Its size enables even complex masonry arrangements to benefit increased and evenly spread weep (bleed) opportunities without apparent visual presence. The Pyramid Weep is available in two standard lengths : 100mm x 8mm x 8mm  and  240mm x 8mm x 8mm. Colour grey. Non-standard lengths manufactured to order. 

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