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Talk to Cavity Trays about our non-standard preformed trays design and manufacturing service.

Custom Cavity Trays

Non-standard preformed trays, made in any shape or form.

At Cavity Trays, much of our work involves the design and manufacture of non-standard and special requirements. These are necessary in areas of the building where complicated junctions are encountered, and a preformed tray must be designed.

Our design team are experienced in dealing with the most challenging requirements. Send us your drawings, and we’ll advise you as part of our free service.


Windpost cloak cavity tray
Windpost Cloak
Stopend Cavicloak
Cloak Over Vent
Level Change / External Corner Cavicloak
Threshold Cavicloak
Reveal Protection Cloak
Radon Internal Angle
Internal Angle
Internal Angle Cavity Tray
External Corner / Column Cloak
External Angle
External Angle Cavity Tray
Column / Windpost Cloak
Cloak Around Vertical Vent Sleeve
Change of Profile/Intersection Seal
Change Profile/Corner Cloak
Type C/ with Pipe Projecting Through Cloak
Change of Profile Cloak
Change of Profile/Change of Direction/Change of Level CC
Windpost Cloak
Window Cill Tray
Threshold Step Down Cloak
Change of Level/Change of Direction
Stopend Cavity Tray
Party Wall Link Cavicloak
Step Down Cloak (Large step)
Internal Corner/Column Cloak
Step Down Cloak (Small step)
Level Change
Radon External Angle
Corbel Cloak
Balcony Cloak (Supplied in two pieces)
Balcony Cloak
Column Cloak
Column Cavicloak
Balcony Cloak

How does the process work?

From initial enquiry through to manufacturing, we’re on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Design and Scheduling

Upon receipt of your enquiry, our technical specialists will identify, design and prepare a quotation which will be returned to you by our team. A confirmation template detailing your requirements is provided which can then be approved or amended.


When you are satisfied with our proposals, confirm the designs and wish to proceed, your products are designed in our CAD software. We will then schedule your bespoke requirements into our production programme.


Our engineers cut out precisely dimensioned trays on the latest leading-edge CAD/CAM digital cutting machines. Bespoke trays are stitched together using ultrasonic spot-welding equipment, plastic weld sealed before rigorous testing confirms watertightness.

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