The UK’s trusted Cavity Tray manufacturers

In the 1920’s a West Country family of builders started fabricating “dampcourses and other devices to allay the fears of the unpredictable and volatile English climate”. Today the fourth generation of the same family continue the tradition.

two cavity trays employes working out construction

Cavity Trays Limited

The Company is now called Cavity Trays Limited and can claim more experience, more case histories and more know-how than any other company in this specialised field. Cavity Trays Limited is the first and only tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval – there is no higher standard. Cavity Trays with high performance categorisation are accompanied with product performance liability, for the benefit of Architect, Builder and Client.

Our product range

Building Regulations

All products are designed to promote protection of the building envelope in accordance with UK Building Regulations and those demanded by construction authoritative bodies. We recommend study of the specific product details listed within our Technical Manual, including the benefits and advantages and subsequent references to established practices being reviewed and revised to reflect the research, development and outcome proven and established within the Cavity Trays investigative programmes in developing new products.