Type E Cavitray (a retrofit cavity trays) on white backgroundType E Cavitray (a retrofit cavity trays) on white background

Type E Cavitray

  • Brick-sized cavitrays permit progressive insertion.
  • Material – solid DPC polypropylene.
  • Positive jointing integral anticapil clip eliminates gluing, sticking or overlapping.
  • Shape and depth of projecting lip prevents discharge water permeating the bedding joint – an often overlooked consideration on exposed sites.
  • Adjustable cavity upstand accommodates cavity size 50mm to 140mm.
  • Easy compliance with building regulations.

To introduce a horizontal DPC at roof intersection level in an outside wall which has become an inside wall, by virtue of an extension being built.


The Type E Cavity Tray is a unique and innovative solution designed for retrofitting into existing cavity walls. This preformed DPC cavitray is expertly engineered to be inserted into an existing cavity wall, requiring minimal disruption to the structure. The installation process is straightforward and efficient, needing only one course of bricks to be disturbed, with just a few bricks removed at any time.

This retrofit cavity tray is self-contained and each unit is the length of two bricks. They are designed to clip together seamlessly, enabling long runs to be easily and quickly created. This feature makes the Type E Cavity Tray an ideal choice for large-scale projects or properties with extensive cavity walls.

One of the standout features of the Type E Cavity Tray is its preformed angles that cater for corners and piers. This ensures a snug fit and optimal performance in all areas of the wall. Each unit also has a stand-alone discharge via a weep, providing effective drainage and preventing moisture build-up within the cavity.

The Type E Cavity Tray is suitable for all popular cavity widths. This is due to the innovative design of the cavity upstand of the Type E, which is hinged and adjusts to always suit the ‘as-found’ cavity width. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of properties and wall constructions.

The Type E Cavity Tray is a high-quality retrofit cavity tray that combines ease of installation with superior performance. Its unique features and adaptability make it a leading choice in the market for cavity trays, offering a reliable and efficient solution for protecting your property against damp and moisture ingress.

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