A new Chapter in DPCs and Trays

The NHBC has released updated guidance on the provision of cavity trays to ‘complicated junctions’.

Following the release of Chapter 6.1.17, as of January 1st 2024, the NHBC will be insisting on the use of preformed trays for the following uses;

  • Pitched roof abutments (i.e. stepped trays)
  • Steps in horizontal level
  • Internal corners
  • External corners
  • T-Junctions (i.e. intersection of parapet wall)
  • Door thresholds (in conjunction with gas membranes, flat roofing detailing etc)
  • Penetrations in horizontal cavity tray arrangements (i.e. telescopic vents, services etc)
  • Interfaces with wind posts, balcony supports, balustrading, or guarding

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More information on the latest NHBC requirements can be found below;

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