Non-Combustible Fire-rated Beak Weep

Cavity Trays is proud to introduce a new evolution in cavity trays for high-rise buildings: the Non-Combustible Fire-rated Beak Weep.The NonCom Beak Weep marks an innovation in Cavity Trays’ product range, cementing the business’ commitment to meeting the demands of an evolving market with revolutionary new products. Keep reading to learn more.


Superior Functionality with Minimal Visual Presence

Manufactured of zinc pressure die-casting, the new NonCom Beak Weep can be built into a naturally occurring perp joint with a discreet emergence, promoting functionality with minimal visual presence.

What’s more, in addition to being protected from direct wind and rain ingress, the evacuation outlet has radiused sides permitting washed mortar sands and fines to spread and drop. The internal flow route is direct and features zero restricting areas or pinch-points between the cavity inlet and the elevation outlet.

Building Regulation Compliance

New Building Regulations require the exterior walls of buildings more than 11m high to be constructed of non-combustible materials. The NonCom Beak Weep is an A1-rated non-combustible perp weep, designed explicitly for use with non-combustible cavity tray systems of high-rise and fire-resistant buildings.

This innovative non-combustible cavity wall weep features a trapezoid design and discreetly hooded external discharge outlet offering deflection protection against torrential rain and wind conditions.

The NonCom Beak Weep may be used in structures required to meet and conform with UK / European Standards, requiring EN 1774 1997 and A1 fire specification as defined by Commission Decision 96/603/EC.

When installed as part of a compliant wall assembly, NonCom Beak Weeps will satisfy Building Regulations across the UK, including:

  • The Building Regulations (England and Wales) 2010
  • The Building Regulations (Scotland) 2004
  • The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012
  • NHBC/LABC (in select instances)

This makes them the ideal solution for use within high-rise, fire-resistant buildings rising to 11m or more from ground.

Our new NonCom Beak Weeps are 100% compatible with Cavitray systems, include both masonry or mortar merge options, and are sold range of beak overspray colours to match the aesthetic of high-rise buildings of all descriptions.

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Cavity Trays is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of damp-proofing, cavity closers, ventilation, and other specialist products in the construction sector.

We have decades of experience helping businesses comply with all relevant building regulations. To learn more about our NonCom Beak Weeps, including dimensions and installation instructions or to enquire about any of our products, get in touch with us today or call us on 01935 474769.

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