Metal Beap WeepMetal Beap Weep

NonCom Beak Weep

  • Size 109mm x 66mm x 10mm.
  • Preformed weep design, manufactured in A1 fire-rated metal 
  • ZL5 zinc-based die casting alloy that conforms to EN 1774 1997 Standards with passivated finish
  • Outlet guard that protects against high wind and water retention or obstruction
  • Boxed in 50s and features an unrestricted internal flow path with zero impinging
  • Radiused outlet sides that allow for the spread and drop of mortar fines
  • Options of masonry or mortar merge option with a range of RAL beak overspray A2 Class colours
  • Compatible with Cavitray systems, supplied ready-to-build 

To evacuate water from lintels, damp courses and cavity trays of buildings elevating more than 11m from ground level, with exterior walls constructed of non-combustible materials.


The NonCom Beak Weep has been purposefully designed to release penetrating water from lintels and cavity trays installed within the cavity walls of buildings constructed of non-combustible materials and/or exceeding the 11 metre in height regulation directive. The trapezoid design features a discreet hooded discharge outlet offering deflection protection against the increasing wind and rain pressures experienced in high-rise structures. The evacuation outlet has radiused sides so the passage of converging water and particle debris is not impinged but is able to freely spread and discharge.

Manufactured in a zinc-based pressure die-casting and conforming to EN 1774 1997 Standards, this A1 fire-rated perp weep will successfully merge with a range of RAL beak overspray mason and mortar A2 Class colours.

When built into a naturally occurring perp joint, the beak weep emerges discreetly demonstrating superior functionality and minimal visual presence.

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