Building Envelope = 20 – 5 = 30?

During December ‘23 and January ’24, the cold, windy weather experienced in the UK caused buildings to cool more rapidly and to a greater extent.

Keeping a typical building and its inhabitants warm and comfortable is more costly when it’s wet and windy.

A temperature of minus 5 degrees occurring with a 20mph wind gives a wind chill near minus 30 degrees.

This means your body will lose heat through your skin at the same rate as it would if the air temperature was minus 30 degrees with no wind.

Buildings also have skins.

Yeovil-based Cavity Trays Ltd.’s compliant DPC cavity trays plus compatible caviweeps protect the building envelope, returning it to dry status swiftly and efficiently.

Approved products manufactured by the longest-established cavity tray specialist are accompanied with a performance undertaking.

Peace of mind for architect, builder and client.

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