Circular Cavitray Control

Circular openings in external cavity walls require DPC protection to ensure penetrating rain is prevented from tracking inwardly.

Signs of wet ingress are commonly first evident at the base of a circular opening – having gravitated from higher masonry and then circumvented the frame before discharging at the six o’clock position.

The initial visual evidence is then accompanied with general perimeter staining.

Using a preformed Type K Circular Cavitray provides 360° protection and, at the same time, separates the frame edge from the damp masonry in which it is incorporated.

The DPC tray extends on either side within the cavity to ensure damp transference is prevented.

Recent R&D suggests most forms of bullseye opening can suffer wet ingress through eventual horizontal transference and flow-path discharge unless enveloped within a continuous DPC wrap.

Circular Cavitray Control from the longest-established specialist – Cavity Trays Ltd of Yeovil.

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