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Beak Weep

  • Standard size 65mm x 108mm x 8mm
  • BS polypropylene.
  • Boxed in 50s. – Direct flow path (not restricted).
  • Drop outlet does not encourage build-up of mortar debris.
  • Beak protects against wind pressure.
  • May be extended with use of Extension Duct.

To evacuate water from lintels, damp courses, cavity trays etc.


The beak weep provides an alternative way of releasing penetrating water from lintels and cavity trays installed within a cavity wall. The beak weep matches the height of a standard perp joint, but has a reduced front section (beak) shaped to be almost indistinguishable from the mortar joint. The beak is finished in glass-clear polypropylene, and successfully merges with all colours of mortar and masonry making the beak weep unobtrusive and difficult to detect. The discharge outlet is on the beak underside, permitting water and particle debris to wash through and drop from the outlet. This shape also protects against wind-driven rain.

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