Cavicloak Rise and Fall Barrier Cavity Trays - Cavity TraysCavicloak Rise and Fall Barrier Cavity Trays - Cavity Trays

Cavicloak Rise and Fall Barrier

  • Self-supporting.
  • Higher level inner skin interruption eliminated.
  • Easy interfacing with membrane.
  • Avoids gaps in cavity insulation.


To protect against dampness and rising land gases within external cavity walls. Cavicloak rise and fall barrier profiles differ from conventional cavity barriers as their use eliminates the need to support merging protective mediums at a higher course level within the cavity wall.


Conventional cavity barriers rise a minimum of 150mm within the cavity and are supported by being built-into the nearest/highest inner skin course. When the inner skin is constructed of blockwork the course is regularly higher up – so the formation uses additional material. The formation also creates a cumbersome arrangement where the cavity barrier top must be linked with the oversite membrane, a necessary requirement when protecting the building land (and its inhabitants) against contaminated land gases such as Radon.

Rise and Fall Barriers are self-supporting and offer the convenience of starting within the outer skin and finishing within (and beyond) the inner skin at the same level. A more easily-managed build sequence and compact protective arrangement is secured. Integration of barrier and oversite membrane is at the lowest possible level.

Rise and Fall Barriers are supplied in long lengths with internal and external angles and a range of stepped links. Once bedded onto both skins and joined utilising sealing capping profiles that straddle the abutting sections, raising of the cavity wall may continue. Barriers are usually supplied with the inner skin section projecting 150mm beyond the inner skin internal face. This permits the membrane and barrier to positively integrate.

IMPORTANT – Overlapping of Rise and Fall Barriers is not possible. Adjoining sections must be butted together and tape linked.

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