Euroweep-vent Cavity Trays - Cavity TraysEuroweep-vent Cavity Trays - Cavity Trays


  • Size 49mm x 87mm x 9mm.
  • Free airflow approximately 300mm2 per unit.
  • BS polypropylene available in grey, black, beige, terracotta, white, brown and clear
  • Integral baffles.
  • Vertical front.
  • Boxed in 50s.

The purpose and function of the perp weep/ventilator is described on the previous pages (Type W). An alternative product is now available offering smaller overall dimensions but with high performance categorisation.


Euroweep-vents are positioned within the perp joints between masonry. Their function is twofold. They act as a weep and also encourage the cavity to breathe. Euroweep-vents were developed and are now extensively used on the continent. They can also satisfy UK, N.H.B.C and Building Regulation requirements. Compact size does not compromise the performance of the Euroweep-vent which promotes excellent free airflow and discharge behaviour.

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