Profiled DPC's for Timber Frame and SIPS Systems Cavity Trays - Cavity TraysProfiled DPC's for Timber Frame and SIPS Systems Cavity Trays - Cavity Trays

Profiled DPC’s for Timber Frame and SIPS Systems

  • Black petheleyne
  • Will not extrude or seep under load
  • Close fits timber – no sagging or damage
  • Consistent quality of build
  • 2400 x 100 x 100 (180)mm.
  • Bespoke options

Pre-shaped DPC’s for use under sole plates in timber frame and construction utilising structurally insulated panels


Traditional roll dpc can distort or misshape during placement and operations on site. Profiled DPC’s are accurately dimensioned semi-rigid shaped dpc’s that permit the installer to establish consistent dpc protection around the base of timber framed walls. Laid and lapped under the sole plate, the profiles rise vertically to protect the inner face of the plate, as depicted in NHBC Standards 6.2. They can also extend inwardly. In so doing the oversite membrane can benefit from horizontal and vertical interfacing. Profiled DPC’s will not extrude under load and functioality is unaffected by normal packing/point loading. Internal / External angles and bespoke profiles available.

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