Small Adjustable (Telescopic) Weep Cavity Trays - Cavity TraysSmall Adjustable (Telescopic) Weep Cavity Trays - Cavity Trays

Small Adjustable (Telescopic) Weep

  • 93mm x 24mm x 9.5mm, with telescopic section providing additional 70mm.
  • BS polypropylene or BS ABS in clear, grey or beige
  • Insect resistant grill.
  • Protective cap promotes cleanliness.
  • Telescopic feature ensures compatibility.
  • Suitable for use with rendered walls, also varying thicknesses etc.
  • Boxed in 100s.

To weep via a perp joint.


The small adjustable weep is telescopic and adjusts to accommodate external skins built of different thicknesses. Similarly, the rendered wall is instantly and correctly accommodated. This telescopic feature may be employed to project the small weepvent forward of the face line when rendering, and pushed back to the face line upon completion. A further benefit of the small weepvent is the front protective cap. Following building-in it is removed revealing a clear and mortar-free outlet grille. This simple facility ensures cleanliness. So little of the hidden adjustable small weepvent is visible it harmonises with most popular masonry and mortar styles.

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