Type CLV Circular Louvered Ventilator Ventilation - Cavity TraysType CLV Circular Louvered Ventilator Ventilation - Cavity Trays

Type CLV Circular Louvered Ventilator

  • Polypropylene.
  • Size 79/70mm x 15mm – Requires 70mm hole.
  • Free airflow 2100mm².
  • Louvers deflect driving rain and provide insect screening.
  • Integral location grips.
  • Colours – White, Black, Brown, Beige or Terracotta.

Type CLV Circular Louvered Ventilator


The Type CLV is popular in after-fit drill and vent applications. It can be introduced when the wet trades have finished. Type CLV differs from most circular ventilators as it has an airflow aperture rating of 2100mm². The installer is required to drill fewer holes around the building, as fewer ventilators are required to provide the requisite levels of ventilation of type CLV.

Example: If a small circular vent has a free area of 300mm, it would require seven such ventilators to equal the free area of one Type CLV. The Type CLV is commonly installed at 1.2m centres to fulfil ventilation requirements in typical applications and is offered in a range of masonry harmonising colours: Terracotta, Black, White, Buff and Brown. Projecting location grips hold the Type CLV in place when inserted into the drilled hole.

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