Three-in-one Roof Ventilation Kit Ventilation - Cavity TraysThree-in-one Roof Ventilation Kit Ventilation - Cavity Trays

Three-in-one Roof Ventilation Kit

  • Free airflow of 12,500mm² per metre run makes this package suitable for standard pitched roofs above 15 degrees.
  • Easy ordering and stock control.
  • Packaged solution for regulation compliance.

Pack providing over fascia ventilation, eaves ventilation and felt support.


The three-in-one roof ventilation kit provides an easy and economical way of satisfying regulation requirements regarding roof ventilation. Each kit contains sufficient products to cover a six metre run. The contents of each kit are as follows: 1no. 6 metre roll of eaves roll out ventilator (EROV). 10no. felt support trays, contract range (FST/C). A six metre run of standard over fascia ventilator (OFV). Three-in-one roof ventilation kits may be used with tile and slate roofs. All pack products are also available separately.

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