Type PV Panel Ventilator Ventilation - Cavity TraysType PV Panel Ventilator Ventilation - Cavity Trays

Type PV Panel Ventilator

  • PVCU, colour Black.
  • Suitable for roof pitches of 15 degrees upwards.
  • PV/400 for 400mm truss centres.
  • PV/450 for 450mm truss centres.
  • PV/600 for 600mm truss centres.
  • Sizes as above x 410mm width.
  • Excellent free airflow.
  • Use with any compatible fascia or soffit ventilator.

Permits air entry into the roof space via the eaves.


In pitched roof applications, the Type PV panel ventilator fits between the roof trusses and maintains a defined airflow path between the underside of roofing felt and the roof insulation. The function of the Type PV is to receive air that enters and exists via a fascia or soffit ventilator. Air is channelled through the body of the ventilator via apertures within the bottom and top upstand edges. The Type PV is available in three sizes, all of which promote an airflow exceeding 10,000mm2 per metre run, when fitted continuously along the eaves.

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