House Builders Standard Solution Solves Threshold Problems

Thresholds play a crucial role in the construction of buildings. They are the transition points between different spaces, bridging the gap between the interior and exterior. However, thresholds can also be vulnerable areas, especially when it comes to moisture infiltration, energy efficiency, and compliance with building regulations.

The Problem: Threshold Vulnerability

Thresholds face several challenges:

  • Moisture Intrusion: Damp transmittance from the exterior to the interior can compromise the integrity of the building envelope. Water infiltration through thresholds can lead to structural damage, mould growth, and energy loss.
  • Compliance: Building regulations demand that thresholds be accessible, durable, and weatherproof. Achieving compliance whilst maintaining functionality is a delicate balance.
  • Complexity: Thresholds come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Each project may require a unique solution, making standardisation difficult.


The Solution: Type LTT Level Threshold Tray

The team at Cavity Trays Limited introduces the Type LTT Level Threshold Tray, a standardised solution level threshold cavity tray that tackles threshold problems head-on. Its features include:

  • Encapsulation: The LTT encapsulates threshold masonry, safeguarding it from damp transmittance. Whether water infiltrates from the exterior or rises from ground level, the LTT provides a protective barrier.
  • Dual-Face Extension: Unlike traditional thresholds, the LTT extends downwardly over both faces of the masonry. At each end, it rises and wraps around the revealed faces, even penetrating into the cavity. This comprehensive coverage ensures maximum protection.
  • Integration with Building Elements: The LTT allows seamless convergence with other building components:
    1. Flooring: Flooring materials can meet the LTT without compromising its effectiveness.
    2. Insulation: Insulation layers integrate smoothly with the LTT.
    3. Membranes and DPCs: Damp-proof courses (DPCs) align effortlessly with the tray.
  • Packaged Per Opening: Cavity Trays Limited provides the LTT per opening, streamlining installation and minimising waste. Controlled costs and consistent quality are guaranteed.


Benefits of the Type LTT Level Threshold Tray


An image showing the benefits of Type LTT Level Threshold Trays, by Cavity Trays.

Thresholds don’t have to be a headache for builders. The Type LTT Level Threshold Tray simplifies compliance enhances protection, and streamlines installation. As the industry standard, it ensures that every threshold meets the highest quality and performance criteria.

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